Cage and Aviary Birds

With 48 indoor cages we have a wide selection of birds, from finches and canaries to parroletts.

Our dedicated staff, have experience in breeding birds themselves and are there to offer you advice whether you are keeping birds as a pet or breeding them in an aviary.

We keep a huge range of food toys, treats, cages, aviaries and accessories which will keep your birds happy. We sell seed both loose and by the sack!


Wild birds

We also cater for wildbirds with a huge selection quality bird seed such as Gardmans, Harrisons and Dawn Chorus (available loose, pre-packed or in bulk) along with a wide range of suet treats. Mealworms are available both live and freeze dried.

We also have a vast selection of bird feeders and quality wooden bird tables.

Bulk foods and bulky items maybe delivered (subject to minimum spend and distance).

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